SATURDAY EVENING POST 02 / by Gustavo H. Mendonça

Spaceship Ideation Sketches

Here is a page of ideation sketches for a variety of spaceship designs I’m creating for an up coming personal project.

As I continued to search for the right forms and fuselage styles to match the project I ended up elimination this entire page. The newer designs started to feel fresh and with a better balance between light and heavy shapes and structures indicating their function in a more expressive fashion. There are still a few elements in these sketches that I believe to have potential so I will bring them back into focus soon enough and re explore their designs.

These are all digital sketches using nothing but a flat brush combined with custom shapes I have created previously. At this early stage I’m simply focusing on trying to find some kind of design energy. I keep these thumbnail sketches pretty loose and fast spending no more than 10 minutes on each one. The next steps of the design process will take the selected sketches thru further refinement.