SATURDAY EVENING POST 01 / by Gustavo H. Mendonça

I have decided to name my blog posts “Saturday Evening Post” in homage to the legendary publication of the same name that has endured for nearly 300 years as one of the most creative and artistic publications in the world. All of my blog posts will go live on Saturdays.

The Saturday Evening Post has had master artists such as J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell signing their covers. To learn more about the original Saturday Evening Post please visit the link bellow.


I have selected a few 3D Lay-Out Concepts from Star Wars 1313 for this first post. 

Three of the concept paintings I created for this section of Coruscant can be seen in the design gallery and also on the Star Wars 1313 official website. This environment was also featured on the fifth season of the animated TV series "Star Wars the Clone Wars".