SATURDAY EVENING POST 04 / by Gustavo H. Mendonça


While working on two major game projects, one movie and two upcoming books all at the same time it is practically impossible to find any time for personal work. However the desire to create something just for fun does not diminish with the overwhelming schedules and deadlines so I have been trying to push myself to create a personal piece of artwork everyday, even if I only have a few minutes dedicated to them. 

I actually failed miserably on my first trial and ended up spending almost an hour on a a piece. I decided then to set up even shorter time frames for myself and gave up on trying to create something impressive looking or polished and embraced the idea of just sketching for fun.

The sketches bellow were done with the following guidelines:

Time budgets: 7, 16 or 25 minutes

Layers: 1 Layer

Color: Black and white

The first two pieces incorporate atmosphere and soft lighting but as I moved along with my sketches I began enjoying the flat, high contrast black and white look. The shapes come from working on the shadows only so the white areas witch is a piece of the canvas that hasn’t been touched becomes the light or positive areas.

I will be posting a lot more of these ugly scribbles in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


"It looks round" /// 25 minutes

"Fishing strange objects" /// 25 minutes

"House on the hills"///25 minutes

"Droids up to no good"///16 minutes

"Man on the Ledge" /// 25 minutes